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From WIkipedia Pin-Bot's main feature is a grid of lights in the center of the playfield, just below the Pin•Bot. The player can fill this grid by hitting the targets above and to the right of it. Once completed, the visor opens, enabling the player to lock two balls in the robot's eye sockets, starting a two-ball multiball mode. The player can then re-lock one of the balls and use the other to score a Solar Value (jackpot) up the left ramp, at which point both balls go back into play and the visor closes. The player can reopen the visor by completing the grid again. Each shot up the left ramp increases the Solar Value until it is collected, and this jackpot is carried over between games. The game's playfield also features a spiral ramp, which serves as a skill shot from the plunger, and a bagatelle-style mini-playfield at the Solar Ramp exit, which can feed the ball to the right inlane, the plunger, the pop bumpers, or directly back onto the playfield.

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Location: Rockaway, NJ Designation: On Floor



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