F14 Tomcat




Solid State


Players assume the role of a Navy pilot nicknamed Hitman with the goal to destroy the evil Russian General Yagov and his fleet. F-14 Tomcat has a very fast gameplay. Nevertheless, players can achieve very long ball times because there are no drain on a near miss shots except hitting the center targets dead on. The game was the first pinball machine with an Autosave feature that gave the ball back into game if the ball got drained right at the start. The pinball machine features four flippers, multiple ramps, a four-ball Multiball mode and three flashing, rotating red, blue, and white beacons on top of the backbox that depicts a dogfight scene. Achieving a high score results in a playing of the Navy's anthem, "Anchors Aweigh."text

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Location: Rockaway, NJ Designation: On Floor



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