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Williams System 9 The artwork of Sorcerer is very colorful with orange and light yellow on a black cabinet. The backglass and playfield featuring the sorcerer and dragons. Several playfield plastics are extensions of the playfield art. The slingshot plastics represents a further part of the sorcerer's beard and the sorcerer's hand is depicted by the plastic over the targets. This design creates a 3D effect. The Sorcerer's eyes on the back plastic panel glow and flash along with the gameplay. When the player earns an extra ball, a bell rings that sounds like an old fire alarm. Scoring is evenly split around the playfield. The drop targets can be hit with the third flipper. The top rollovers advance the multiplier. The playfield contains six standup targets that along with the 2 spinners can be hit to spell SORCERER. This is the game that led to the opening of my arcade.

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Location: Rockaway, NJ Designation: Coming Soon



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Lane changing
12/28/2019 6:25 PM
Dave fixed lane changing with flippers

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